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Volta Bringup background service

Description: Volta Bringup background service

Keywords: Volta

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Volta is configured to run bring-up on boot, the booting LED indicator will show the following sequence:

  • If successfully initialize,
  • "Red - Blue - Red blinking - Green"
  • Volta retry to initialize by repeating this sequence until initialization successful
  • "Red - Blue - Red blinking - Green - Blue blinking"

To disable the bringup background service:

  1. Stop the service by running
    $ sudo systemctl stop vehiclestart.service 
  2. Disable the service
    $ sudo systemctl disable vehiclestart.service 

To re-enable the service:

  1. Enable the service:
    $ sudo systemctl enable vehiclestart.service 
  2. Restart the service
    $ sudo systemctl start vehiclestart.service

To edit the background service, edit the autostart.sh file in your Volta repository.

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