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== Simple Description: ==

The WALKING robot is an intelligent mobile platform specially developed for the ROS2 robot system.

It is not only suitable for scientific and educational learning of the ROS2 robot system,

but also for the development and verification of scientific research algorithms in various directions based on ROS2,

and also supports quasi-commercial use in some scenarios.

== Detail Description: ==

WALKING robot core collocation:

By default, it is equipped with a heavy-duty in-wheel motor and drive board with Hall, which can obtain accurate mileage data;

It can be used with Silan A2M12 indoors, and Silan S1 can be used indoors and outdoors to obtain high-precision laser data;

With the realsense D435i depth camera with IMU, it can obtain IMU data, point cloud data, depth data and clear images for vision-related development;

With the inertial navigation sensor razor 9dof M0, the IMU data of nine-axis degrees of freedom can be obtained;

With the host computer NUC based on the X86 architecture, it can obtain more stability and better compatibility;

Equipped with a 7-inch touch-screen display to make single-machine configuration and development more convenient;

Equipped with a large-capacity 36V10AH lithium battery, no-load battery life for more than 6 hours

The frame and stackable brackets are designed with a simple and beautiful wooden shell

Optional Speaker voice array and bluetooth speaker, which can realize voice interaction application and development;

Optional Xbox handle for convenient mobile control.


The walking robot is suitable for the scene:

Development and validation of vision-friendly mapping algorithms

Mapping algorithm development and verification suitable for laser data

Visual-fit local planning, navigation algorithm development and validation for global planning

Local planning for laser data, development and validation of navigation algorithms for global planning Suitable for vision-based AR labeling algorithm development and validation

Suitable for the development and verification of voice interaction algorithms such as voice recording, voice playback, voice wake-up, voice recognition, and voice synthesis

Suitable for AI algorithm development and verification

Suitable for CPU-based deep learning framework integration, training, development and validation

Suitable for face recognition development and verification

Suitable for object detection development and verification

Suitable for indoor and outdoor flat development and application scenarios, such as offices, hospitals, schools, squares, shopping malls, etc.

Integrate the function development of the simulation environment and the cross-development method of functional verification on the real machine.

Integrate multiple simulation environments for use, such as offices, hospitals, gas stations, shopping malls, homes, outdoor courtyards, fields, towns and other simulation environments


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