ROS Software Maintainer: ASIMoV Robotics

ASIMoV Robotics has launched a new series of multi-purpose mobile platforms useful for indoor and outdoor applications with unique omni-directional mobility and unmatched payload capabilities. X-Terrabot's software system is written entirely in ROS. X-Terrabot is available in two flavors: X-Terrabot(Omni) and X-Terrabot(Mecanum).

X-Terrabot Omni wheel base is a unique four wheel drive mobile platform with each wheel independently steered. With this capability, the robot can move omni-directionally unlike other standard four wheeled robots. With the help of advanced suspension systems, it can also move over carpets and small bumps when used indoor and on leveled roads in outdoor applications.

X-Terrabot Mecanum is a four wheel drive mobile platform with Mecanum wheels. Its unique feature is that it has a split mount platform suitable for mounting two manipulators and other accessories simultaneously. These platforms are on a slider base which can extend outwards whenever required to increase the work envelop of the arms.

ASIMoV Robotics Support

ASIMoV Robotics supports the X-Terrabot's software and infrastructure. Visit http://www.asimovrobotics.com for more info.

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