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Xbot Series

Brief Introduction

Xbot2 360 rotation

XBot is a mobile platform for teaching and research developed by XLab in ISCAS(Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Science).

XBot consists of a differential mobile base, a lifting platform, a development board and multiple sensors, which makes it powerful and easy-to-develop. And it has comprehensive software support. XBot is fully compatible with ROS Indigo, Kinetic and incoming ROS versions. Users can download XBot SDK from our web. Besides, product descriptions and user manual are provided as well as some teaching materials.

More details about XBot features, please visit

Features- Why xbot is attractive for the robot beginners?

Applications and Demos

Xbot 1

XBot is a teaching and research platform. With XBot, you can utilize it as a teaching demonstration on Robotics, do some machine learning or SLAM experiments on it, develop your own application, or even customize and redevelop it...

We developed an application where XBot acts as a museum guidesee this video. With face recognition techniques from Tencent Youtu, Xbot can recognize the visitors. Then it conducts the tourists round the museum and interprets each showcase.

Another usage is proactive daily clock-in see this video in which the XBot hovers around the office at a certain period of time, and confirms if every employee is on duty. It passes by every office cubicle and reminds the staff to face the camera. After that, the attendance records will be saved.

Manuals and Tutorials

XBot Tutorials We also provide a detailed XBot handbook, which is very suitable for XBot stater and developers. These contents are included:

  • Preparation
  • Bringup
  • Navigation
  • Interaction
  • Simulation
  • Applications

Click to read XBot Tutorials . 中文教程

ROS TutorialsIn addition, we provide a Chinese ROS tutorial for beginners on Chinese University MOOC, iCourse. It tries to illustrate the basic concepts and usages of ROS includeing:

  • Communication(Topic, Service...)
  • File System(Catkin, pacakge...)
  • ROS Programming(roscpp, rospy)
  • Common Tools(Gazebo, Rviz...)
  • Common Pacakages(SLAM, Navigation)

These tutorial includes videos, books and code demos. The demos are based on XBot and can run both in simulation and in reality. These lessons would be great for ROS learners.

Click to start ROS Beginner Tutorial .

ROS Support

ROS Logo

Users can download XBot Softwares from our Github Repo.

Or download individual ROS packages.

XBot: XBot bringup and drivers XBot SLAM Xbot Android App

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