Care-O-bot 4 Modules

Main Modules

Care-O-bot is a modular system, the different modules can be combined and configured depending on the scenario, please see the configurator tool of our website . The main modules are:

  • Base for the omnidirectional movement of the robot platform
  • Torso with movable axis, on the torso could be mounted arms with grippers. Also this module integrate 3d cameras for the recognition of the environment
  • Head with a display and touch panel to interact with the users.


The Base of the robot allow you to navigate with the robot. The base can be moved in all directions, forwards, backwards, sideways and also can turn.

The base contains the following components:

  • 2D scanners , these sensors are not only used to recognise the obstacles around the robot, but also as security system. The robot will stops completely if the scanners detect an object near the robot.
  • The wheels and the motors to allow a omnidirectional movement of the base.
  • Control panel with a small display and buttons, to switch on the robot and control the safety system
  • Li-Ion battery for the autonomous drive of the base
  • Fully programmable LEDs


The torso has a spherical joint to maximize the workspace of the robot, but also the following components:

  • 3D cameras, 2 ASUS Xtion and a Realsense Camera, the position of the cameras allow a completely Sensor coverage of the front of the robot
  • Fully programmable LED ring
  • Emergency stop buttons to stop the robot immediately in case of accident

On the Torso of the Care-O-bot could be mounted two arms with the respective hands


The manipulators of the Care-O-bot, to allow complex manipulation tasks, have 7 degrees of freedom.


The gripper system contains a strong finger with 2 degrees of freedom for pick up easily different types of objects.

On the head are integrated the main user-robot interaction components, but also this module can be moved with a spherical joint. The list of the components built on the head is the following:

  • High quality Speakers
  • Microphone for speech detection
  • 15 display with a multi touch panel

For the face recognition could be also added to the head a Sensorring.


The Sensorring is moveable and contains 3d sensors to increase the vision of the robot.



See the detailed description under

Wireless Emergency Stop

See the detailed description under

Charging Station

Charging Station

For further information about charging the robot please see

Power Supply

Power Supply

Transport Box

transport box

For further information about transport the robot please see

PC and Network Setup

PC plan

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