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About Evarobot

Description: Specifications of the Evarobot.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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Evarobot Tech Specs





Ground Clearance


Weight(with 2 battery)


Max. Payload


Battery Voltage


Battery Capacity



Differential, 2 Drive Wheel, 2 Caster

Max. Speed


Drive Wheel Diameter



Sonar Sensor

7 x IM-SMO20

Infrared Sensor

7 x Sharp GP2YOA21YK

Bumper Sensor

3 x IM-BMP10


Polulu MinIMU9


2 x 64 CPR

Depth Camera

Microsoft Kinect

Lidar Sensor

RPLidar 360

Lazer Sensor

Hokuyo URG-04LX

Electronic Control Unit (IM-EKB10)

IM-EKB10 is robot development kit which is practical solution for different level robotic applications. The kit is 100% compatible with ROS(Robot Operating System). It includes regulator board (M-REG10), motor driver board (IM-DRV10), adapter board (IM-ADP10) and sensor board (IM-SENS10). You can construct your EKB in different configuration with reconfigurable sandwich structure.


General Features

  • Supply Voltage: 7 - 24V
  • Switching and braker protected power layer
  • 40 pin güç ve sinyal standart dişi PCB pin bağlantıları
  • Two channel motor drivers
  • Adapter Layer which is compatible with Raspberry Pi B+/2
  • Additional digital and analog pins for Raspberry Pi
  • Open source code 100% compatible with ROS
  • Inputs for favorite sensors
  • Dimensions : 85 x 115 x 90mm
  • Weight : 470g

Power Features

  • 5 switching regulators
  • LEDs for power input and regulator output
  • Standart female PCB pin outputs
  • Braker protected input/output
  • Power Output: 80W

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Motor Driver Features

  • Max. PWM Frequency : 20 kHz
  • LED indicators for motor directions
  • Standart male 90º PCB output pins
  • Additional connectors for motors
  • Internal 5V regulator
  • Encoder connection interface
  • Max. Output Current : 30A
  • Continuous Output Current : 12A

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Sensör Board Features

  • 8 analog channel (over SPI)
  • 7 general purpose digital channel (I2C)
  • 3 ON/OFF sensor channel
  • 1 Buzzer (I2C)
  • 1 RGB LED (I2C)
  • 4 I2C connections
  • 1 User LED indicator
  • TTL - RS232 converter
  • Standart male PCB ouput pins

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Evarobot Simulation

The Evarobot has model in Gazebo 3D simulator. You can Explore the Evarobot Gazebo Model, Generate a map in Gazebo with the Evarobot and Navigate the Evarobot autonomously.

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