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Network Configuration

Description: Get evarobot and your pc chatting to each other.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

PC Network Configuration

Installing SSH,

> sudo apt-get install ssh ssh-contact-service ssh-contact-client

We will define ROS_HOSTNAME and ROS_MASTER_URI in bashrc.

> gedit ~/.bashrc

Add these two lines to bashrc. <hostname> is your PC hostname.

export ROS_HOSTNAME=<hostname>
export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://<hostname>:11311

Refresh the terminal,

> bash

We will define IP addresses for hostname of Evarobot and PC.

> sudo gedit /etc/hosts

Add these lines to hosts file. PC_IP_ADDRESS is your PC Static IP address in evarobot_wifi network.

<PC_IP_ADDRESS> <hostname> evarobotDSK

Now, we need to change mcast_group parameter in multimaster_fkie.

> roscd master_discovery_fkie/launch/
> gedit master_discovery.launch

Change 'mcast_group' parameter in master_discovery.launch with "".

PC NTP Server Configuration

We will set your PC as a ntp server in evarobot_wifi to sync evarobot time. Install ntp for your PC.

> sudo apt-get install ntp

Open 'ntp.conf'

> sudo gedit /etc/ntp.conf

Add these lines to 23. line of ntp.conf.

server stratum 10

Also, adding that line to 52. line in conf file.

broadcast evarobotDSK

In order to restart ntp,

> sudo /etc/init.d/ntp restart

To observe peers,

> ntpq --numeric --peers

SSID: evarobot_wifi
Password: inomuh2015

Evarobot Network Configuration

Connect via SSH to the Evarobot.

> ssh pi@evarobotDSK

Open hosts file in Evarobot with nano editor.

> sudo nano /etc/hosts

Add your PC IP address and hostname.


For example, evarobotserver

To save and exit in nano editor, use Ctrl + X.

Evarobot NTP Configuration

Open ntp.conf file.

> sudo nano /etc/ntp.conf

Add that line to 22. line in ntp.conf.

server <hostname> iburst

For example,

server evarobotserver iburst

Delete # at two lines which are shown below.

#disable auth

Like that,

disable auth

To restart ntp,

> sudo /etc/init.d/ntp restart

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