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GoPiGo3 is a differential drive robot manufactured by Dexter Industries, that offers a wide range of sensors and actuators to assemble on it. The robot is intended to be used as an educational kit for learning about both robotics and programming, two complementary perspectives that clearly show the transversal knowledge you should acquire to become a robotics engineer.

The manufacturer developed a very complete set of libraries to run software in several languages: Python, Scratch, C, Javascript and Go. Anyway, in order to be really useful also for research and professional training, ROS support is nowdays a must. And this is what we are glad to share now with the ROS community.

Dexter Industries manual

ROS packages

  • ROS GoPiGo3 basic bundle. It includes the following packages:

    • gopigo3_description provides the URDF model of the robot that you can use to perform simulations.

    • gopigo3_fake allows to experiment with the robot without needing the physical one. Yo can, for example, explore its kinematics with RViz tool

    • gopigo3_bringup allows the user to operate the physical robot including the distance sensor and the servomotors of the wheels.

  • Tutorial: Getting started with GoPiGo3 in ROS


There is a book- also authored by the ROS package maintainer- to guide through your learning experience of ROS with GoPiGo3: Hands-on ROS for Robotics Programming

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