Have you ever imagined you could have a little robot that does everything? Not those giant ones in the sci-fi movies but a compact yet versatile robot. I have! And we actually made it into reality. Introducing mechArm --- The most compact 6-Axis robot arm ideal for markers, designers & anyone who loves to create!

Small and delicate mechArm is born with a lightweight and compact body, open your bag, take out your mechArm and let it do the rest of the creative work.Super lightweight, compact and powerful. Featuring a 6-axis design, mechArm offers 6 DOF highly precise motion control performance. With a built-in Raspberry Pi chip, mechArm integrates IO port and LEGO Port,putting ideas within reach so that you can go beyond the impossible to realize your full creativity.Super versatile than you can imagine! Built for makers and designers to bring their ideas into reality, mechArm allows them to only focus on creativity. Picking and placing, playing Gomoku, drawing, voice control, visual tracking, laser engraving and more. The ability is only limited by your imagination.

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Mechem supports ROS1 and ROS2

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Make sure that Atom is flashed into the top Atom and Transponder or minirobot is flashed into the base Basic .The tool download address:

Supported ROS versions:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 / ROS Kinetic
  • Ubuntu 18.04 / ROS Melodic
  • Ubuntu 20.04 / ROS Noetic


Option 1: Docker

There are two ways to run this project. The first is by running the project in a container, and this requires installing docker ( and installing docker-compose ( The benefit of running in the container is that you can run the project in any version of Linux, as long as your kernel is new enough.

Once docker is installed, run the following command, and the project should show up.

without NVIDIA GPU:

docker-compose build ros && xhost +local:root && docker-compose up ros


docker-compose build nvidia-ros && xhost +local:root && docker-compose up nvidia-ros

This command does three things: 1) docker-compose build ros

  • This builds the project in a container. That means nothing is installed on your host machine! The first time this runs, this command will take a long while. After running it once, caching will allow this command to run quickly.

2) xhost +local:root

  • This command gives X the ability to display GUI's from within the docker container

3) docker-compose up ros

  • This runs the image specified in the docker-compose.yml, which by default runs the command roslaunch mycobot_320 mycobot_320_slider.launch within the container.

Option 2: Local

1.1 Pre-Requriements

For using this package, the [Python api]( library should be installed first.

pip install pymycobot --user

1.2 Package Download and Install

Install ros package in your src folder of your Catkin workspace.

$ cd ~/catkin_ws/src

$ git clone --depth 1

$ cd ~/catkin_ws

$ catkin_make

$ source ~/catkin_ws/devel/setup.bash

1.3 Test Python API

cd ~/catkin_ws/src/mycobot_ros



Slider Control

Teleop with Keyboard



mechArm 270 Pi | The most compact collaborative robotic arm in the world

These ROBOT ARMS can do EVERYTHING! - mechArm Unboxing

mechArm 270-Pi | Artificial Intelligence Kit

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