Tinymovr Motor Controller

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Tinymovr R5 Tinymovr M5

https://tinymovr.com/cdn/shop/files/DSC_0940.jpg?v=1696112543 Tinymovr Motor Controller is a cost-effective solution for control of robotic actuators. It supports a variety of control modes, including position, velocity, and current control, making it highly versatile for different robotic applications.

Tinymovr R series can drive a wide variety of high-current PMSM motors using Field-Oriented Control (FOC). In addition, Tinymovr M series, an even more compact variant, is suitable for FOC control of "gimbal" style motors. It integrates an absolute angle encoder (MPS MA702) for instant system start-up and precise position tracking.

Tinymovr utilizes CAN bus for communication, ensuring robust and reliable operation. It is equipped with various safety features including overcurrent, over- and under-voltage, and overtemperature protection, ensuring reliable operation in demanding environments. The compact size and high performance of Tinymovr make it an ideal choice for developers looking to build compact and efficient robotic systems.


Technical Specifications

Tinymovr R5.2

  • Input Voltage Range: 12.0–38.0V

  • Max Cont. Phase Current: 40.0 A

  • Connectivity: CAN (2x), UART, SPI, and AUX/Hall Sensor

  • Dimensions: 40 mm x 36 mm

  • Weight: 12 g.

Tinymovr M5.1

  • Input Voltage Range: 12.0–38.0V

  • Max Cont. Phase Current: 5.0 A

  • Connectivity: CAN (2x), UART, and SPI

  • Dimensions: 29.5 mm x 29.5 mm

  • Weight: 8 g.

Features Common to Both Models

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F microcontroller for precise motor control.
  • Support for various control modes including position, velocity, and current control using Field Oriented Control (FOC).
  • Efficient power management, including regenerative braking.
  • Open Source Firmware ensuring flexibility and customizability.
  • Easy setup and use with high-level Python client, Tinymovr Studio, an Arduino Library for control through CAN bus and a ROS package for easy software integration.
  • Compact design facilitating easy integration into robotic systems.



  • Supports a variety of encoders for precise position control

Motor Brackets

  • Optional lightweight motor brackets that also act as heat sinks for enhanced thermal performance

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