rviz plugin

This package shall facilitate the definition of static transforms via an appropriate GUI. Both, a standalone GUI and a rviz plugin are provided to interactively define the orientation and translation part of a transform. Transformations between any of the 24 possible Euler angle representations is provided. An interactive marker in rviz allows to define the transform via mouse.

Transforming Euler representations

Dependent on the order of rotation axes, there are different sets of Euler angles. One common set is roll-pitch-yaw (the default in ROS), which corresponds to rotations about x, y, and z axes w.r.t. the fixed frame. To specify Euler angles w.r.t. a different set or order of axes, simply specify the desired order instead of rpy. For example, yxz: 30, 50, 70 will rotate by 30° about the y axis, then by 50° about the x axis, and finally by 70° about the y axis. In order to transform a given Euler angle representation into another one, simply enter the desired axes order - replacing the whole text field including the angular values.

To specify whether rotations should be performed w.r.t. the static or the moving / rotationg frame (corresponding to left resp. right matrix multiplication), it's possible to prefix the axes order by "s" or "r". Omitting the prefix, corresponds to "r" or right matrix multiplication.

Computing a transform w.r.t. another parent

The rviz plugin also supports frame transformations. If you want to compute the entered transform w.r.t. another parent frame, simply enable the checkbox "adapt transformation" and subsequently change the parent frame. If the checkbox is not ticked, changing the parent frame doesn't change the relative transform, but moves the interactive marker.

Publishing transforms

The entered transform is published as soon as a empty frame names are provided and the "publish transform" checkbox is enabled.

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