Radar Quick-Start Guides

  1. Getting started with the K79 imaging radar

    Guide for setup and initial testing of K79 with ROS

  2. Configuring and updating firmware for K79

    Guide for K79 network configuration and firmware updating

  3. Debugging K79 via USB

    Guide on debugging hardware issues via PuTTY over USB

Working with Radar Data

  1. Converting radar data to PointCloud2 and LaserScan

    Guide to converting from custom radar data messages to standard ROS sensor messages

  2. Target tracking from raw radar detections

    Guide to filtering raw detections into tracked object detections

  3. Tracking object Cartesian pose

    Guide on filtering raw detections into tracked object poses

Sensor Fusion and Cross-Validation with Radar

  1. Superimposing radar data on camera images

    Guide for using a calibrated camera to help visually verify radar data

  2. Radar and camera sensor fusion

    Guide for fusing outputs from radar target tracking and a YOLO object detector

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