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Description: Instructions for using the teleop_joy node.

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

In practice, you should not need to run the teleop_joy node directly. There are different launch files for the supported controllers.

First, plug in your controller into the surface computer via USB. Then start one of the launch files below. Follow the ArduSub documentation for more information on manual control operation.

Microsoft Xbox Controller

roslaunch bluerov_apps teleop_xbox.launch


Logitech F310 Controller

roslaunch bluerov_apps teleop_f310.launch


Dynamic Reconfiguration

Nearly all of the key joystick configuration parameters can be changed in on-the-fly using dynamic_reconfigure. Load the Dynamic Reconfigure plugin in rqt to quickly changes these values.



If you have trouble using the joystick, first check to see if the joystick itself is being read by teleop_joy using rostopic:

rostopic echo joy

If it is not, there might be an issue with the required udev rules or they might not have been installed.

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