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Package Summary

This package implements a image capture node which subscribes to one or more image topics and dumps jpg files to the filesystem every time the capture() service is called.



The image_capture node captures images from one or more cameras and saves them to the filesystem.


~capture() (cob_calibration_srvs/Capture)
  • Acquire image from all cameras and save as jpg to output folder.


~numCams (integer, default: 1)
  • Number of cameras to capture from.
~output_folder (string, default: /tmp)
  • Output folder where captured images are saved
~camera$i (string, default: /stereo/left/image_raw)
  • Image topic of camera$i. Repeat for every camera (e.g. camera1, camera2, camera3)
~file_prefix$i (string, default: false)
  • File prefix for images from camera$i. Repeat for every camera (e.g. file_prefix1, file_prefix2, file_prefix3)

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