New in Fuerte

Starting in ROS Fuerte, common is end-of-life. All of the packages that common provides are now available separately. actionlib and bfl were separated out in this release cycle and can be separately installed.

Changes in Fuerte

New in Fuerte

  • common stack is removed.

  • bfl and actionlib are moved into their own unary stack.

  • tinyxml and yaml_cpp are removed.

Changes in Electric

New in Electric

The following packages were moved to separate stacks:

  • nodelet_core: nodelet, nodelet_topic_tools. Plugin API for faster intraprocess communication in roscpp nodes.

  • bond_core: bond, bondcpp and bondpy. bond allows two processes, A and B, to know when the other has terminated, either cleanly or by crashing.

  • pluginlib: Plugin architecture for C++ ROS packages.

  • filters: Provides a standardized C++ API for filters. It also has a class for chaining filters at runtime based on parameters.

  • xacro: An XML macro language.

The following packages were converted to rosdep dependencies:

  • tinyxml

  • yaml_cpp

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