1.4.4 (Forthcoming)

  • bfl

    • Rework Makefile based on kdl Makefile. Also fixes <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3465)>>

  • actionlib

    • Now giving namespace info in server autostart warning. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4789)>>

    • Client cancelGoal() calls no longer crash on inactive goals. Instead prints a ROS_ERROR and is a no-op. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4836)>>

    • Client no longer transitions to waiting_for_cancel_ack in all cases. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4838)>>

1.4.3 (2011-02-24)

  • pluginlib Declare tests as tests to not put them into debs <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4814)>>

  • bond Modified bond's state machine to handle "alive" messages from the sibling when already dead.

1.4.2 (2011-02-21)

  • fixed a grave bug where nullfilters were not working correctly in nodelet_topic_tools (r36096)

  • Added global "bond_disable_heartbeat_timeout" parameter

1.4.1 (2011-02-15)

  • Removing header deprecation warnings. #4784 in python actionlib

1.4.0 (2011-02-03)

"Bond" nodes together

  • The new bond package lets have two processes monitor each other for termination.

Many small patches common/ChangeList/1.3

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