This page lists changes that were made in the pre-1.0 series of common (unstable).

0.9.1 (2010-01-08)

  • actionlib added typename keyword for Ubuntu Hardy compatibility

0.9.0 (2010-01-08)

  • removed fltk rosdep definitions for they are in ros/rosdep.yaml
  • removed netpbm rosdep definitions for they are now in navigation/rosdep.yaml
  • filters Added parameter namespace printout for errors and debugging when loading #3239

  • xacro

    • Xacro now adds a message mentioning that the file was autogenerated.
    • Patched to not depend on roslaunch #3451
  • actionlib

    • Python clients now have get_goal_status_text to read the status message sent by the server #3345
    • SimpleActionClient now deletes the goal handle before deleting its ActionClient #3523

    • Python action server now removes the goal handles after they were processed and timed out.

0.7.3 2009-12-09

  • actionlib

    • Added a sleep in python client's wait_for_server call to prevent a boot-up race condition.

0.7.2 2009-12-09

0.7.1 2009-11-24

  • xacro

    • Added a flag for only evaluating include tags in xacro
    • Allowing multiple blocks and multiple insert_blocks, fixing #3322 and #3323

0.7.0 (2009-11-20)

  • Adding a blocking call for sending goals (actionlib::SimpleActionClient::sendGoalAndWait). This feature is still unstable & experimental

  • Added a shutdown method to the actionlib actionlib::SimpleActionServer allowing users to explicitly tell the server to shutdown

  • No longer relying on header.stamp fields to autofill with ros::Time::now() (in both C++ and Python).

  • Fixed race condition in C++ client causing spurious "Tried to create a handle to a list elem with refcount 0" errors

  • Created a Python action server and simple action server, mirroring the functionality of the C++ [simple] action server.
  • Adding explicit copy constructor and equals operator to ServerGoalHandle

0.6.1 2009-10-29

  • filters patch for karmic compilation

0.6.0 2009-10-07

  • Remove yaml-cpp package replaced by yaml_cpp in common-0.5.0
  • actionlib

    • Removing deprecated version of SimpleActionClient::sendGoal. This only affects users who register a doneCallback when calling sendGoal #3027

    • Shortened names of the python and C++ SimpleActionClient wait_* calls

    • Switched internal references of deprecated ros::SingleSubscriberPublisher::getSubscriberCallerID to getSubscriberName

    • Shortened wait_* method names in the python action client
    • waitForActionServerToStart and waitForGoalToFinish are now waitForServer and waitForResult. #3059
  • Moved actionlib_tutorials out of common and into ros_pkg_tutorials

  • xacro

    • Added xacro.cmake file that exports new xacro_add_xacro_file() macro, #3020

0.5.1 2009-10-05

  • actionlib added missing call to rosbuild_genmsg

0.5.0 2009-10-02

  • yaml-cpp renamed to yaml_cpp

    • dashes are not allowed in package names
  • actionlib

    • Deprecating SimpleActionClient's getTerminalState() and getGoalState(). Replaced by getState()

    • SimpleActionClient's SimpleDoneCallback now provides a SimpleClientGoalState argument instead of a TerminalState. The TerminalState version is thus deprecated.

    • Deprecating the python SimpleActionClient's get_terminal_state() and get_goal_state(). Replaced by get_state()

    • The done callback passed to Python's SimpleActionClient now takes the terminal state as one of the enumerated constants in actionlib_msgs/GoalStatus

0.4.0 2009-09-28

  • tinyxml

    • removed inconsequential patches and updated manifest for doc review #2789

  • actionlib

    • Fixed ActionClient compile error when using OSX gcc 4.0.1

    • Fixed unit-test compile error with gcc 4.4. #2811

  • pluginlib

    • Added pluginlib::PluginlibException, pluginlib::LibraryLoadException, and pluginlib::CreateClassException exceptions.

    • loadLibraryForClass is now void, but will throw a pluginlib::LibraryLoadException on failure

    • createClassInstacne now throws either a pluginlib::LibraryLoadException or a pluginlib::CreateClassException

0.3.0 (2009-09-21)

  • actionlib

    • Fixed compile error in ActionServer constructor

    • Fixed race condition on ClientGoalHandle::reset() call

    • Added basic regression testing for both client and server
    • Bugfixes in ActionClient's waitForServerToStart logic. ros-pkg ticket #2612

    • GoalID's are now [node-name]-[count]-[timestamp] instead of just a timestamp. ros-pkg ticket #2771

  • Added temporary OSX blacklist files'
  • filters

    • removed (unused) dependency on tinyxml
    • namespace no longer must have filter_chain inserted #2618

      • backwards compatability maintained with a ROS_WARN
  • yaml-cpp

    • moved to tarball of version 0.2.2


  • Added increment filter to filters package with tests and bugfix exposed by them
  • Removed two compiler warnings
  • Minor bugfixes for action_lib to meet specifications
  • additional actionlib_tutorials

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