ROS OpenCV camera driver

It is very easy to capture video device if we use cv::VideoCapture of OpenCV.


This node uses camera_info_manager for dealing with camera_info. If no calibration data is set, it has dummy values except for width and height.


  • ~image_raw (sensor_msgs/Image)
  • ~camera_info (sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)


  • ~set_camera_info (sensor_msgs/SetCameraInfo)


  • ~rate (double: default 30.0) publish rate [Hz].
  • ~device_id (int: default 0) capture device id.
  • ~frame_id (string: default "camera") frame_id of message header.
  • ~image_width (int) try to set capture image width.
  • ~image_height (int) try to set capture image height.
  • ~camera_info_url (string) url of camera info yaml.
  • ~file (string: default "") if not "" then use movie file instead of device.


rosparam set cv_camera/device_id 0
rosrun cv_camera cv_camera_node
  • with the first line set the camera device to use
  • run the node with the second line


This node works as nodelet (cv_camera/CvCameraNodelet).

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