The URDF model and the associated MoveIt configuration package, which are created by ROSConverter, have dummy speed/acceleration parameters. To specify the actual speed/acceleration parameters, do the following procedure as well.

Downloading WINCAPS III

With AcquireVelAcc tool (shipped with WINCAPS III), receive speed/acceleration parameter values from RC8. You can find AcquireVelAcc tool in the WINCAPS III Ver. 3.55.0 or later. You can download the latest WINCAPS III from here (logon required).
*If you already have the WINCAPS III Ver. 3.58.0(07/08/2019) or later, you can skip this process.

Receiving speed/acceleration parameters

With AcquireVelAcc tool (, receive speed/acceleration parameter values from RC8. Enter an controller IP address and then click [Acquire]. Once the values are received successfully, [Output] button is activated. Click [Output(ROS)] button to save the values into a file. Use "joint_limits.yaml" as a file name to save. Transfer the saved file to a ROS-used computer.
*the b-CAP Slave license needs to be installed in RC8 that receives speed/acceleration parameter with AcquireVelAcc tool.

Updating speed/acceleration parameters

Execute the following command to update the speed/acceleration parameters of a robot definition file. For attributes, enter the file path of "joint_limits.yaml" and the robot name to update (the project name part of "${project name}_description").

rosrun denso_robot_bringup vs050 ~/joint_limits.yaml

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