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dlut_rgbd: camera_laser_calibration | dlut_vision | laser_points_colouration | sick_laser

Package Summary


dlut_vision: dlut_libvo | dlut_viso2

Package Summary

ROS Nodes developed on SMartROB at DaLian University Of Technology.

  • Maintainer: Zhuang Yan <zhuang AT DOT cn>, Wu Nai Liang <wunailiang AT gmail DOT com>
  • Author: Zhuang Yan <zhuang AT DOT cn>, Yan Fei, Wu Nai Liang
  • License: BSD
  • Source: git (branch: indigo-devel)


This package is used to calibrate the intrinsic parameters of the camera.

Hardware Requirements

Point Grey Chamelon USB2.0 Camera

Software Requirements

Point Grey flyCapture SDK


   1 rosrun dlut_vision pgr_camera [video_mode] [frame_rate]

[video_mode] : 1280x960 or 640x480

[frame_rate] : 15 or 7.5



This node is used to generate the file "Intrinsics.xml" and the file "Distortion.xml".

Published Topics

/pgr_camera/image (sensor_msgs/ImagePtr)
  • Publish the image information.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

We appreciate the time and effort spent submitting bug reports.

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