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Description: Convenience class for abstractly storing and representing angles.

Keywords: ecl angles

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


The angle class is a convenience class that automates storage and angle wrapping for you. It stores the angle in radians (which any good engineer/mathematician should default to!). Take this into consideration if using it where speed is of the essence. That is, don't use Angle and then do all your calculations in degrees - there will be alot of copying and converting.

Basic Usage

Note that you can templatise the storage as either float or double. Using float is sometimes important for low end embedded boards which have to do alot of angle calculations.

   1 #include <ecl/geometry/angle.hpp>
   3 using ecl::Angle;
   4 using ecl::wrap_angle;
   6 // ...
   8 Angle<double> a(3.33); // automatically wraps on -pi:pi
   9 double degrees = a.degrees();
  10 Angle<double> b = a + 3.24; // again, will automatically wrap the answer.
  11 // RotationMatrix is currently a typedef for a 2d eigen matrix
  12 Angle<double>::RotationMatrix matrix = a.rotationMatrix(); 


For those who just wish to use functions rather than objects:

   1 // wrapping
   2 double angle = wrap_angle(3.33);
   4 // conversions
   5 double rads = radians_to_degrees(1.44);
   6 double degrees = degrees_to_radians(rads);

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