Api such as this are only added on an as needed basis. Up until now, its mostly been used as a sandbox for testing cross-platform api that wrap slight differences in posix and win32 functionality.

Compiling & Linking

   1 #include <ecl/io.hpp>
   3 // Cross platform functions
   4 using ecl::init_sockets;      // initialises winsock on windows.
   5 using ecl::shutdown_sockets;  // shuts down winsock on windows.
   6 using ecl::poll_sockets;      // a drop in for posix poll() on windoze.
   7 using ecl::close_socket;      // a drop in for posix socketpair() on windoze.
   8 using ecl::socket_pair;       // standardises the api for closing a socket.

Outside ros, you will also need to link to ecl_io.


  • src/examples/poll.cpp

  • src/examples/sockets.cpp

  • src/examples/socketpair.cpp

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