evarobot_odometry reads encoders on the Evarobot, calculates and outputs odometry data(position and velocities) of the Evarobot.

Published Topics

wheel_vel (geometry_msgs/PointStamped)
  • Right and left velocities of the Evarobot.


~devicePath (string, default: /dev/evarobotEncoder)

  • Driver path of encoder.
~alwaysOn (bool, default: true)
  • if false, it doesn't publish data until a node subscribes.
~odomTopic (string, default: odom)
  • Topic name of odometry publisher.
~odomFrame (string, default: odom)
  • Frame name of odometry data.
~wheelSeparation (double, default: 0.32)
  • Difference between wheel in meters.
~height (double, default: 0.25)
  • Height of Evarobot base_link in meters.
~frequency (double, default: 100)
  • Maximum frequency of node loop.
~gearRatio (int, default: 50)
  • Gear Ratio of motors.
~CPR (int, default: 64)
  • CPR value of encoders.
~wheelDiameter (double, default: 0.17)
  • Diameter of driver wheel in meter

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