SIG Coordinators: Kaijen Hsiao and Matei Ciocarlie

Mailing list:

Topics: Develop algorithms for robots to interact forcefully and physically with the world. Share new methods for grasping and manipulation in challenging human environments, seeking generalization across a wide variety of robots. Apply the tools from the Arm Navigation and Motion Planning SIG's in the context of manipulation.


  • Kaijen Hsiao
  • Matei Ciocarlie
  • E. Gil Jones
  • Siddhartha Srinivasa
  • Sachin Chitta
  • Alexander Bubeck
  • Mike Stilman
  • Sarah Osentoski
  • Dmitry Berenson
  • Alexander Bubeck
  • Anca Dragan
  • Chris Dellin
  • Shaun Edwards
  • Mehmet Dogar


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