Kickoff Discussion/Meeting (-09/29/2011)

  • Establishment of Manip-SIG mailing list

  • Discussion of current SIG goals:
    • Foster discussion between members of the community interested in manipulation and ROS.
    • Provide a forum for members of the community interested in sharing their code as part of future ROS releases.
    • Get input from members of the community into desirable changes/additions to the existing ROS manipulation modules.
  • Discussion of goals for Fuerte:
    • Willow Garage
      • Add grasp planning capabilities to the ROS Arm Navigation Wizard, including:
        • A text-based and/or graphical method for specifying what parts of the arm constitute the end-effector
        • A text-based and/or graphical method for specifying pre-grasp/open and closed poses for the end-effector
        • Use of GraspIt! and the current cluster grasp planner to plan grasps based on the above information

    • Bosch (Sarah Osentoski)
      • will try to release new wviz tools for manipulation,
      • potential connection point to the ROS manipulation pipeline
  • Discussion of goals for future releases
    • SIG is meant as a forum to discuss future releases as well; list longer term release plans or questions here
  • Discussion of the ROS manipulation pipeline vs. OpenRAVE and difficulties with making the two compatible
    • Lots of work being duplicated, which is bad; conversion between is difficult due to having different representations
    • Mehmet Dogar from CMU is at Willow for an internship, during which he will write an adapter to convert his push-grasping-in-clutter planner from OpenRAVE to ROS; it will not be fully general but could be a good example if others wish to do something similar

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