ROS Core

SIG Coordinator: Ken Conley

Topics: ROS, ros_comm, rx, common, geometry/tf, robot_model


  • Ken Conley
  • Tully Foote
  • Dirk Thomas
  • Bob Dean
  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez
  • Troy Straszheim
  • Brian Gerkey
  • Bhaskara Marthi


rospack/Reviews/2011-11-02 API Review

Agenda Items

  1. 'ros' debian in upstream
    • Contents:
      • rospkg
      • rospack/rosstack (requires rewrite)
      • rosdep
      • what else?
    • Deprecations
      • roslib.packages
      • roslib.stacks
      • roslib.rosenv
      • roslib.os_detect
  2. rosbuild2
    • Resolve remaining integration issues, and get to the point of recommending that people use it.
  3. roscpp client library improvements
    • REP 106
    • Other SIGs?
  4. rospy client library improvements
    • Possible rewrite (longer term, won't land in Fuerte)
    • Explore cython, psyco, pypy, other speed improvements
  5. roslaunch rewrite (less ROS-specific, cleaner code, support rxlaunch)
  6. ros_msgs library (make message-generation code standalone-ish, possible to use ROS datastructures w/o having to be a ROS package)
    • will enable integration with standalone PCL (pull out sensor_msgs into common dependency)
    • will enable standalone rosbag library
  7. common:
    • end-of-life? (break into final unary stacks)
    • delete yaml-cpp, tinxyml backwards-compat packages
    • actionlib and bfl unary stacks
  8. geometry:
    • normalize bullet
    • angles unary stack?
    • eigen_conversions: not widely used, move elsewhere (unary?)
  9. rxconsole/rosout possible improvements:
    • would be nice to have a command-line and scriptable version of rxconsole
    • be able to query log messages after the fact (e.g., after everything has crashed)
  10. Node ttls, better monitoring of what's alive, etc (does this belong with 5?)
  11. Store more configuration in /etc/, e.g.:
    • General:
      • machine names (for both roslaunch and IP/hostname issues)
      • other networking config
      • roscore.xml (for adding more bootstrap services)
      On robot:
      • standard locations for robot model?



Progress Updates


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