This package provides version 2.1 of Google Perftools as a catkin package for ROS Hydro (Indigo coming).


Unlike most catkin packages, using gperftools is a three-step process. You must declare a dependency on gperftools in your package.xml and in your CMakeLists, and your must specify which gperftools features you want to use.

Declaring a dependency on gperftools

Add build and run dependencies to your package.xml:


Add gperftools_21 to the list of catkin conponents in your CMakeLists.txt:

find_package(catkin REQUIRED COMPONENTS
   # other catkin components ...

Choosing which gperftools features you want

You can choose to use tcmalloc, the gperftools profiler, or both.


target_link_libraries(your_target ${GPERFTOOLS_TCMALLOC})


target_link_libraries(your_target ${GPERFTOOLS_PROFILER})


target_link_libraries(your_target ${GPERFTOOLS_TCMALLOC_AND_PROFILER})

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