Only released in EOL distros:  

This package provides a home for a useful set of miscellaneous Python modules each too small to warrant having their own package.



This is a dynamic_reconfigure client that set the parameters given to it on startup and unset/restore those same parameters when it exits. Created for setting camera parameters on start up for the laser_interface_node and restoring the default settings on shutdown.

On the command line:

 $ rosrun hrl_lib load_dynamic_config <node_name> <yaml_file>

Example usage in roslaunch file:

 <node name="$(anon dynam_load)" pkg="hrl_lib" type="load_dynamic_config" args="/wide_stereo_both $(find laser_interface)/office_exposure.yaml"/>


  • A variety of utility functions for coding in Python.
  • Utility classes for working with rospy.
  • Basic functions for creating/decomposing homogeneous transformation matrices.
  • various functions for processing time series data (histogram, gradient, interpolate, etc)
  • display for time series that allow users to select segments from a GUI (based on pylab)

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