Hydromedusa Planning

Planning for Hydro will be done via Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These SIGs will be determined by the community and anyone interested in participating/contributing will be allowed to sign up. The SIG process is light weight and documented at sig

For past SIGs, see the Groovy SIGs.


  • Initial Fork March 4th
    • pending cleanup of catkin-debs
  • Alpha April 2nd
    • All PR2 packages catkinized
  • Beta -- July 2013
    • All packages as if it could be released
    • downloadable as desktop-full deb
    • goal: most packages catkinized even leaf ones
  • Hydro Release -- Beta + 30


The process is very simple:

  1. Propose an SIG: anyone can propose an SIG. Please only propose an SIG if you are willing to contribute.
  2. Signup for an SIG: anyone can signup for an SIG. Please only signup for an SIG if you are willing to contribute (e.g. code).


Add your SIG below

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