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Simulating Innok Heros

Description: How to simulate Innok Heros using Gazebo

Keywords: Innok Heros, Gazebo, simulation

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


  1. Install the required packages:
     $ sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-innok-heros-description ros-indigo-innok-heros-gazebo
  2. The robot model was successfully tested with Gazebo6 and Gazebo7 thus make sure that you use Gazebo6 or Gazebo7.

Run the Simulation

If you want to simulate the Heros platform you can launch the model in the ROS simulator Gazebo:

  • 3 Wheels (Default):
     $ roslaunch innok_heros_gazebo innok_heros_gazebo.launch

    Innok Heros 223

  • 3 Wheels with tractor wheels:
     $ roslaunch innok_heros_gazebo innok_heros_gazebo.launch tyre_type:=tractor

    Innok Heros 223 with tractor wheels

  • 4Wheels
     $ roslaunch innok_heros_gazebo innok_heros_gazebo.launch wheels:=4

    Innok Heros 44

  • 4Wheels with tractor wheels:
     $ roslaunch innok_heros_gazebo innok_heros_gazebo.launch wheels:=4 tyre_type:=tractor

    Innok Heros 444 with tractor wheels

Visualisation with RViz

Visualisation of the simulated platform

This opens rviz with the currently spawned model of Innok Heros

$ roslaunch innok_heros_gazebo innok_heros_rviz.launch


The mobile platform can be controlled in several ways:

Using Joystick and Keyboard with twist_mux

$ sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-innok-heros-control
$ roslaunch innok_heros_control teleop.launch

Using a Terminal

$ rosrun turtlebot_teleop turtlebot_teleop_key /turtlebot_teleop/cmd_vel:=/cmd_vel

Using rqt

$ rqt

This opens the Qt-based GUI rqt. In the top menu open Plugins>Robot Tools>Robot Steering. Now you can set linear and angular speed of Innok Heros with the silders.

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