• minor updates, mainly transition to Fuerte (new rosdep format)


  • removed URDF to SRDL converter to fix problems with electric/oneiric compatibility
  • Export of information from KnowRob into OWL files

  • Generation of CRAM CPL plans from task descriptions in KnowRob

  • Improved visualization of objects using CAD models
  • Visualization of task specifications (experimental)


  • Moved generic functionality into the knowrob_common, knowrob_actions, knowrob_objects packages. If possible, depend on them instead of the older, more application-oriented packages.
  • Added tf_prolog (tf listener for KnowRob)

  • Improved representation of articulation and environment information
  • Support for visualization of CAD models in mod_vis (experimental)


  • Bugfixes in json_prolog for compatibility with newer Ubuntu versions (libpl.so was renamed to libswipl.so)
  • Support for nullary predicates via json_prolog


  • Compatibility with Electric (depend on rosjava_jni instead of rosjava)
  • comp_orgprinciples: learn and reason about organizational principles in a kitchen environment
  • bosch_semantic_map package: environment map of the BOSCH laboratory


  • Compatibility with Ubuntu 11.04 Natty
  • Improved re-implementation of SRDL

  • Representations and reasoning methods for handling changing objects, e.g. creation, destruction or transformation of objects in cooking tasks

  • Improved implentation of semantic similarity computation
  • Extended semantic map capabilities, including buildings and rooms
  • Bugfixes in OWL library (owl_subclass_of, owl_has_transitive)


  • Moved the packages opencyc, comp_ehow and mary_tts out of the knowrob stack to reduce its size
  • Moved yason package to the cram_highlevel stack
  • Replaced check-outs of external version control systems by downloading archives (as requested for released stacks)


  • More robust version of reading action properties (comp_ehow)
  • Cleanups in ias_semantic_map query predicates (ias_semantic_map)
  • Updated environment visualization (mod_vis)
  • Added image of the Amigo robot for communication visualization (mod_vis)


  • initial release

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