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Documentation and Package List

  • Starting and accessing Prolog
    • rosprolog: Start an interactive Prolog shell

    • json_prolog: Start ROS service that offers a query interface

  • Base system
    • ias_knowledge_base: Core ontology and basic reasoning modules

    • knowrob_common: Common utilities for handling OWL (import/export, OWL reasoner interface, convenience query predicates), units of measure, and other generic functionality

    • knowrob_objects: Object-related functionality, supporting spatio-temporal reasoning, generation of the internal object representation, representation and conversion of coordinates

    • knowrob_actions: Read action properties, project effects of actions and processes, reason about transformations of objects induced by actions

    • ias_semantic_map: Semantic environment map representation in OWL

    • ias_prolog_addons: Prolog extensions such as the interface to the Weka and Mallet classification libraries, Jython interface, computation of semantic similarity measures between concepts

    • semweb: Semantic Web library of SWI prolog with extensions, e.g. computable properties

    • thea: OWL parser library

  • Reasoning packages
    • comp_spatial: Compute qualitative spatial relations from object poses

    • comp_temporal: Compute temporal relations, e.g. Allen's interval algebra

    • mod_vis: Visualization of the content of the knowledge base

    • knowrob_cad_models: Load Collada models for visualization and reasoning

    • mod_srdl: Description of robot components and capabilities and methods for matching these descriptions against requirements of actions

    • mod_probcog: Interface to the ProbCog statistical relational learning library

  • Interfaces to perception components
  • Probabilistic reasoning
  • Related packages:
    • comp_ehow: Import of natural-language web instructions, removed from KnowRob to reduce dependencies

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More tutorials can be found in the extensive documentation section of the KnowRob wiki.

Issue tracker

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The most comprehensive overview of the KnowRob system and related research can be found in Moritz Tenorth's PhD thesis. The full list of KnowRob-related publications is available at

When you publish a paper using KnowRob, please cite the 2013 IJRR article:

  author  = {Moritz Tenorth and Michael Beetz},
  title   = {{KnowRob -- A Knowledge Processing Infrastructure for
              Cognition-enabled Robots. Part 1: The KnowRob System}},
  journal = {International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)},
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The development of KnowRob has received funding from the DFG excellence initiative research cluster Cognition for Technical Systems (CoTeSys) and the EU FP7 projects RoboEarth and RoboHow.

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