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Package Summary

Script to execute prolog and set the prolog library paths to other ros prolog packages.


Rosprolog is a simple wrapper around swi-prolog that uses an additional user-init file.

Two new predicates are added in this file:

  • use_ros_module( <ros-package-name>, '<prolog-file-path>' )

    • Load a prolog module from $(rospack find <ros-package-name>)/prolog/<prolog-file-path>.

  • rospack_package_path( Package, Path )
    • Get the absolute path of a package.

To run rosprolog, use: rosrun rosprolog rosprolog

To start a prolog package within rosprolog (incl. calling its file and all of referenced packages), use: rosrun rosprolog rosprolog <pkgname>

To generate documentation for a package in the <pkg>/doc folder, use:

  • rosrun rosprolog rosprolog-doc <pkgname>

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