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Testing Hardware

Description: Scripts that check/verify the hardware.

Keywords: kobuki, turtlebot, hardware, bumpers, cliff, wheel drop, analog port, digital port, buttons, LED, sensors

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

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  1. Overview
  2. Tests


The kobuki_testsuite package provides a bunch of scripts to thoroughly test specific kobuki hardware components. They also happen to be very simple examples of how to communicate with the Kobuki's ROS API - find and read them!


  • Test batteries: generate a profile as demonstrated in the Generate a Battery Profile tutorial.

  • Test digital output port: this program will start sending a variety of digital io signals to the robot. It will set all output signals to false, then iteratively turn each one to true. In doing so, it will cycle through a mask that will negate the setting for one of the outputs. The process then repeats itself masking the next output in the sequence instead.

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_digital_output.py
  • Test events raised by hardware components; the following events should be reported:
    • buttons
    • bumpers
    • wheel drops
    • cliffs
    • plug/unplug adapter
    • dock/undock on base
    • charge completed
    • battery low/critical
    • digital input changes

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_events.py
  • Test analogue input: this program continuously prints the input from the four analogue ports.

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_analog_input.py
  • Test battery voltage: this program continuously prints the battery voltage.

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_battery_voltage.py
  • Test gyro: this program continuously prints the angle and angular velocity reported by the gyro.

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_gyro.py
  • Test LED array: this program alternates different color combinations on Kobuki's LEDs.

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_led_array.py
  • Test simple motions: these programs just makes the robot rotate or translate alternating the direction. Maybe you will need to install ros-groovy-kdl package.

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_rotation.py
> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_translation.py
  • Test sounds: this program just plays all the system sounds.

> rosrun kobuki_testsuite test_sounds.py

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