ROS packages provided by the Computer Vision and Active Perception Laboratory and the Center for Autonomous Systems at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.



ROS Packages/Metapackages

  • biotac_driver: catkinization of UPenn's Haptics group's low level biotac drivers.

  • force_torque_tools: force-torque sensor calibration and gravity compensation.

  • kdl_acc_solver: KDL solver for calculating cartesian accelerations from joint positions, velocities and accelerations.

  • kdl_wrapper: C++ wrapper for easily getting KDL kinematic chains and using KDL kinematic solvers with robots defined in ROS through URDF in the parameter server.

  • pr2_ft_moveit_config: Moveit configuration package for PR2s that have force-torque sensors.

Upcoming packages

  • door_opening_control: adaptive controllers for simultaneous control and estimation of kinematic parameters of sliding and revolute doors.


Adaptive door opening control

Online Kinematics Estimation for Human robot collaboration

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