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Package Summary

The mongo database

This package pulls in Mongo DB 1.8 as a 3rd party dependency. Run the db server using in this package.

ROS Parameters

Private parameters of

  • ~database_path: where the db is stored. Defaults to /tmp/db.

  • ~overwrite: whether to overwrite existing db. Defaults to false.

There are also some parameters in the parent namespace. These are used both by and client libraries.

  • warehouse_host: The hostname of the machine on which the db runs. Currently defaults to localhost (a smarter default will eventually be used).

  • warehouse_port: The port on which the db server listens for connections. Defaults to 27017.


  • MongoDB on a 32 bit system has a max DB size of about 2GB. The server should be run on a 64 bit system if possible.

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