WARNING: This wiki refers to the obsolete ROS 1 mrpt_navigation package. The documentation for the latest ROS 2 versions is here: https://github.com/mrpt-ros-pkg/mrpt_navigation/



ROS wrappers for classes and apps in Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT).


See also: mrpt_slam.

Summary of packages:

  • mrpt_bridge: C++ functions to convert between common ROS messages and MRPT classes.

  • mrpt_local_obstacles: Construction of a local obstacle map (point cloud, voxels or occupancy grid) from recent sensor readings within a configurable time window.

  • mrpt_localization: Node for 2D robot localization with a particle-filter and many different kinds of metric global maps. Alternative implementation of amcl.

  • mrpt_map: Node to publish (static, prebuilt) metric maps.

  • mrpt_msgs: Common messages for MRPT packages.

  • mrpt_rawlog: Like rosbag play & rosbag record for datasets in MRPT's Rawlog format.

  • mrpt_reactivenav2d: Pure reactive navigation with TP-Space algorithms.


  • From the repositories:

# This will install all packages in the mrpt_navigation metapackage
# Alternatively, install individual packages only as you need them
sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-mrpt-navigation

Demo videos



Pure reactive navigation



Getting started

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    Instructions to install and compile this package

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