This page lists changes that were made in the 1.1.x series of navigation.

For future plans, see the roadmap. See also navigation/Releases.

1.1.4 - (2010-06-30)

  • fake_localization

    • Bug fix for the message filter implementation in fake_localization that broke navigation in gazebo

1.1.3 - (2010-06-04)

  • amcl

    • Added transform logic to support upside-down lasers <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3051)>>. Still needs to be tested on a real robot with an upside-down laser.

  • fake_localization

    • Applied patch to allow setting the pose of the robot using the initialpose topic. <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4113)>>

  • map_server

    • Don't crash when the current directory is not writable <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4121)>>.

  • base_local_planner

    • Fixed a bug where if the prune_plan parameter was set, not enough of the global plan would be transformed to the odometric frame.

    • The local planner now takes acceleration limits into account when slowing down to reach a goal and rotating in place.
    • The local planner outputs an error when "acc_limit" is used instead of "acc_lim" since the documentation was wrong.
    • The local planner now takes acceleration limits into account when computing the legality of a trajectory rather than being conservative in its reliance on the sim_time parameter.
    • TrajectoryPlannerROS now exposes a checkTrajectory function which allows users to check if a given velocity is legal.

1.1.2 - (2010-05-12)

  • robot_pose_ekf

    • Allow filter to initialize from vo measurement <<Ticket(wg-ros-pkg 3885)>>

    • Changed tests to use new indexed bag files
  • navigation

    • Switched the entire stack over from the deprecated PLUGINLIB_REGISTER_CLASS macro to the PLUGINLIB_DECLARE_CLASS macro for its use of pluginlib. Plugin parameters to move_base should now be fully qualified (ie: navfn/NavfnROS vs NavfnROS). Parameters that are not fully qualified will receive deprecation warnings in navigation 1.2 and will not be supported in navigation 1.3.

  • base_local_planner

    • Moved the code for propagating goal and path distance out of the TrajectoryPlanner and into the MapGrid. Hopefully, this means people should be able to use the MapGrid without the TrajectoryPlanner if they were so inclined.

  • amcl:

    • Changed tests to use new indexed bag files
  • costmap_2d

    • Changed tests to use new indexed bag files

1.1.1 - (2010-04-15)

  • fake_localization

    • Modified to be multi-robot friendly
  • navfn

    • Fixing a bug in converting a plan from cell to world coordinates
  • voxel_grid

    • Fixing a bug in how the voxel grid was resized

1.1.0 - (2010-04-05)

  • move_base

    • Added a clear_unknown_space service to move_base that allows external users to clear unknown space around the robot in the costmap.
  • navfn

    • Adding a make_plan service to navfn that allows the use of the planner via ROS.
  • costmap_2d

    • Changing ROS_ASSERT to ROS_FATAL with a std::runtime_error when checking for legal configurations.
    • Costmap2DROS is now const correct
  • base_local_planner

    • Bug fix for how velocities were being computed. This fix will make the robot a bit more aggressive in how it drives and is going into the 1.1 series for testing.

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