1. ConvexHull planar surface reconstruction

    ConvexHull planar surface reconstruction

  2. ExtractPolygonalPrismData segmentation

    ExtractPolygonalPrismData segmentation

  3. PassThrough filtering

    PassThrough filtering

  4. VoxelGrid filtering

    VoxelGrid filtering

  5. Filter Nodelets

    Descriptions of many filter nodelets

  6. Turning a PointCloud into an Image

    This tutorial is a simple guide to turning a dense point cloud into an image message

  7. SACSegmentationFromNormals planar segmentation

    SACSegmentationFromNormals planar segmentation

Download the RViz display file here: table_scene_mug_textured.vcg and run:

$ rosrun rviz rviz -d table_scene_mug_textured.vcg


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