Only released in EOL distros:  


This package contains launch files and configuration files to launch trajectory filters for the PR2 robot arms. The filters themselves can be found in the trajectory filters stack. This package contains the following files:

  • config/filters.yaml - This particular file configures a trajectory filter chain with two filters:
    • a joint unnormalization filter that uses information about the current positions of the joints to unwrap continuous joints that are wrapped on the unit circle.
    • a short cutter that takes joint paths output by planning algorithms, connects random points in the path together using cubic splines and short cuts the path if the cubic spline trajectories are collision free.

  • launch/*.launch - These files configure the filters for the right and left arms and also for both arms of the PR2 robot.

More information on configuring the filters can be found on the filter configuration page.


  1. ROS API is REVIEWED but UNSTABLE - We will make our best effort to keep the ROS API stable.

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