This package contains launch files for configuring different motion planners for the PR2 robot. The planners that can be configured include:

  • probabilistic motion planners from the OMPL planning library

    1. config/ompl_planning_configs.yaml contains information for configuring OMPL including assignment of specific planners to different sets of joints on the PR2
    2. launch/ompl_planning.launch is a launch file for a ROS implementation of the OMPL library.
  • search based planners from the SBPL planning library

  • a trajectory optimization based planner from the CHOMP planning library

    1. config/pr2_right_arm_chomp_config.yaml configures CHOMP for the right arm of the PR2 robot.
    2. launch/chomp_planning.launch launches the CHOMP planner node that provides the service for planning for the right arm of the PR2


  1. Parts of the ROS API is REVIEWED but UNSTABLE (see individual packages for more details) - We will make our best effort to keep the ROS API stable.

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