Differences between boxturtle and cturtle urdf files


  • gripper: added parallel links [rl]_gripper_[rl]_parallel_link and corresponding [rl]_gripper_[rl]_parallel_root_joint connecting parallel links to gripper palms (for gazebo, tip joints are added in gazebo extension [rl]_gripper_[rl]_parallel_tip_joint connecting parallel link to finger tips). The two new urdf joints [rl]_gripper_[rl]_parallel_root_joint have their states published by the gripper transmission for proper rendering in rviz. This means joint_states vector is larger by 4.

  • gripper floating link: todo: I would like to add the floating pads in the gripper, these are not modeled currently.


  • Collision geometries made of simple geometric primitives are replaced by low resolution stl beta meshes.
    • base_link collision: box --> base_L.stl

    • [...]_caster_link: box --> caster_L.stl

    • torso_lift_link: box --> torso_lift_L.stl

    • head_pan_link: box --> head_pan_L.stl

    • head_tilt_link: box --> head_tilt_L.stl

    • tilting_laser_mount_link: box --> tilting_hokuyo_L.stl

    • [lr]_upper_arm_roll_link: box --> upper_arm_roll_L.stl

    • [lr]_forearm_roll_link: box --> forearm_roll_L.stl

    • [lr]_wrist_roll_link: box --> wrist_roll_L.stl

  • boxturtle contains a few convexified meshes which we are doing away with in cturtle (efficiency no longer a concern). In fact, cturtle do not use any convex_decomposed meshes:

    # urdf/upper_arm_v0/upper_arm.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/upper_arm_v0/convex/upper_arm_convex.stlb" />
    # urdf/upper_arm_v0/upper_arm.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/upper_arm_v0/convex/elbow_flex_convex.stlb" />
    # urdf/forearm_v0/forearm.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/forearm_v0/convex/forearm_convex.stlb" />
    # urdf/forearm_v0/forearm.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/forearm_v0/convex/wrist_flex_convex.stlb" />
    # urdf/shoulder_v0/shoulder.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/shoulder_v0/convex/shoulder_yaw_convex.stlb" />
    # urdf/shoulder_v0/shoulder.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/shoulder_v0/convex/shoulder_lift_convex.stlb" />
  • boxturtle uses specialized finger tip collision meshes (visual meshes are the same) which are no longer used in cturtle:
    urdf/gripper_v0/gripper.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/gripper_v0/finger_tip_pad2_l.stl" />
    urdf/gripper_v0/gripper.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/gripper_v0/finger_tip_pad2_r.stl" />
  • name changes for consistency with general urdf naming scheme for links. Below is a list of changes from boxturtle --> cturtle

    • pr2_wheel.stl --> wheel.stl

    • shoulder_yaw.stl --> shoulder_pan.stl

    • hok_tilt.stl --> tilting_hokuyo.stl

    • finger_l.stl --> l_finger.stl

    • finger_tip_l.stl l_finger_tip.stl
    • torso.stl --> torso_lift.stl

  • besides renaming hok_tilt.stl to tilting_hokuyo.stl, cturtle also uses a low resolution mesh tilting_hokuyo_L.stl for collision of tilting laser.

  • boxturtle uses distinct left/right fingers (finger_[lr]/finger_tip_[lr]) meshes whereas cturtle only uses only left finger (l_finger/l_finger_tip) meshes and flips them around 180 degrees about x axis for right fingers.
    urdf/gripper_v0/gripper.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/gripper_v0/upper_finger_r.stl" />
    urdf/gripper_v0/gripper.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/gripper_v0/upper_finger_r.stl" />
    urdf/gripper_v0/gripper.urdf.xacro:          <mesh filename="package://pr2_description/meshes/gripper_v0/finger_tip_r.stl" />

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