This stack contains no code, just definitions of the PR2 robot, and robot-specific messages for the in-hand accelerometer, the the fingertip pressure sensors, the tilting laser, and the power system. These components are useful for running a PR2, either in actual hardware or in a simulator.

  • pr2_description describes the beta and production PR2 robots.

  • pr2_msgs contains several messages that are useful for the PR2, but not sufficiently general to be used on other robots.

  • pr2_machine contains machine files, for inclusion from roslaunch files, so that applications for the PR2 can be run on either the robot or the simulator without having to have the computer information hard-coded into them.

This stack is unlikely to be a good starting point. Recommended starting points:

  • pr2_robot if you have PR2 hardware

  • pr2_simulator if you want to run a PR2 in simulation

  • robot_model if you want to understand how to parse these robot description files


This stack is not intended for user consumption. Check the robot_model documentation for how to interpret this data, or look at the examples in pr2_gazebo

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