The PR2 Simulator contains a set of plugins for the Gazebo simulator. To install, please follow the procedure below.

Install PR2 Simulator

Step 0: Setup ros and ros-pkg Repositories

Before starting, be sure to go through the setup procedures for ROS specified here.

Step 1: Dependencies

Next, install system dependencies for Gazebo using the tool rosdep:

rosmake rosdep
rosdep install pr2_gazebo

See rosdep more documentations.

Step 2: Fetching and Compiling Gazebo

Now you are ready to compile the simulator package.

rosmake pr2_gazebo

Fresh install will take roughly 15-60 minutes, depending on platform, so you might want to speed it up by installing distcc and ccache (see build system optimizations).

Step 3: Running Simulator

Once you're done compiling, go to the tutorials page to see how simple demos are launched.


Troubleshooting Simulator.

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