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Starting RCommander PR2

Description: shows you how to start RCommander PR2

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Creating Gestures From RCommander

Now that you have RCommander setup (assuming that you've used the first rosinstall file) launch the RCommander services on the PR2:

roslaunch rcommander_pr2_gui rcommander_robot.launch

Finally, in another terminal on your local machine launch RCommander with:

roslaunch rcommander_pr2_gui run_rcommander_pr2.launch

In RViz, click on the Interact button on the tool bar, this will enable the interactive markers and allow parts of the PR2 to be clicked on to reveal controls for that part on the robot's body. Verify that things are working by clicking on the Publish Click Camera Display. Clicking on this display should then aim the robot's head in the direction of the clicked point.

After verifying that you can control the robot, proceed to the next tutorial: Creating Gestures From RCommander.

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