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Calibrating the robot IMU

Description: This tutorial explains how to calibrate the robot IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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To calibrate the IMU sensor: ric_robot/ric_calib service is used to enter calibration mode and saving the data. The com field in the service request can range from 1 to 4 as follows:

com=1 – Enter magnetometer calibration mode.

com=2 – Enter accelerometer calibration mode.

com=3 – Save current calibration data.

com=4 – Exit calibration mode.

com=5 – Erase calibration data.

For example to calibrate the magnetometer of Lizi 1 robot use:

$ rosservice call /lizi_1/ric_calib "com: 1"

After entering calibration mode, move the robot around and then send com=3 request to save the data, followed by a com=4 request, as follows:

$ rosservice call /lizi_1/ric_calib "com: 3"
$ rosservice call /lizi_1/ric_calib "com: 4"

If something went wrong, just send com=4 request to discard the data. The calibration data is stored in the EEPROM.

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