Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Pairing.
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Run Interactions with Android Remocon

Description: shows start interactions via android remocon

Keywords: pairing, robot app manager,

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

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This tutorial describes how to start robot apps via android handhelds. It assumes that you have started rocon_app_manager with Pairing, previous tutorial.



Install Rocon Remocon and ROS Teleop from Google playstore.

Configure Interaction

This is interaction configuration for android teleop. It configures android app to start, its role, launchable android version, paired app to be started in robot, and others. Please check Interaction Specification for more details. Note that there are example interactions included in pairing.interactions in rocon_app_manager_tutorials.

   1 # Teleop android testing
   2 - name: com.github.rosjava.android_apps.teleop.MainActivity 
   3   role: Pairing
   4   compatibility: rocon:/*/*/hydro|indigo/honeycomb|ice_cream_sandwich|jellybean
   5   display_name: Android Teleop
   6   description: Teleop'ing turtles via an android app.
   7   max: -1
   8   parameters:
   9     maximum_linear_velocity: 3.0 
  10     maximum_angular_velocity: 1.57
  11   remappings:
  12     - remap_from: cmd_vel
  13       remap_to: /turtle1/cmd_vel
  14     - remap_from: compressed_image
  15       remap_to: /cybernetic_pirate/compressed_image
  16   pairing:
  17     rapp: rocon_apps/video_teleop


1. Add and Select ROS Master

alt text

2. Select Role

alt text

3. Select Interaction

alt text

4. Teleop'ing via android

PC Side

Android Side

alt text

alt text

What's Next?

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