Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Bring up Rapp Manager.
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Start Rapp via QT Rapp Manager

Description: shows starting rapps via rocon_qt_app_manager

Keywords: rocon app manager app_manager rocon_qt_app_manager rocon_app_manager rapp

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


Rocon QT app manager is an easy GUI to start robot(or rocon) app of your robot. This tutorial shows how to start rapps via rocon_qt_app_manager. It assumes you have finished the previous tutorials.


It assumes that your robot with rapp manager has been started. If you haven't, please finish Bring up Rapp Manager Tutorial.

On the PC with ROS_MASTER_URI point to your robot

 > rocon_qt_app_manager

alt text

What's Next

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