Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the previous tutorials: Create a Rapp Indexer.
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Install Rapps

Description: How to install rapp from rapp index

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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The install feature of the rocon_app tool enables you to conventiently install everything needed to run a specific rapp.

Installing a rapp is a bit different to installing a program or Android app. Rapps are very lightweight, since they contain mostly configuration information, such as parameters and remappings. The hard work is done by the dependencies of the rapp. Hence, installing a rapp basically means installing the rapp's dependencies.

Install a Rapp

In order to install a rapp, it needs to be known to the rocon_app tool. Execute rocon_app list to see, which rapps are available.

Now, usually you already have all dependencies installed for the rapps in that list. For example, when installing rapps via debs, the rapp dependencies will be installed automatically. And the depedencies of rapp sources can be installed using rosdep.

The install features comes in handy, when installing rapps using rapp indexes. Check the previous turtorial for details about how to create rapp indexes and add them to your local index.

Now, assuming you just added a new rapp index and the rapps contained in that index show up on your rapp list. All you need to do now is to execute the install command.

$ rocon_app install <rapp_indentifier> // e.g. rocon_apps/Chirp
Installing dependencies for: <rapp_indentifier>

Once the installer has finished installing all dependencies, you can use the rapp via the rapp manager.

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