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The services object provides you access to all active ROS services in your system. This object follows the general ROSH convention for converting ROS names, i.e. to access the service /foo/bar/compute_plan, you would use:


You can also use mapping-style lookups on services, which is useful if you are dealing with string names:

  • services['/foo/bar'].compute_plan

ServiceNS instances


  • Returns ServiceInfo object. Equivalent to rosservice info foo.


  • Get service definition for service. Equivalent to rosservice type foo | rossrv show.


  • Get ServiceDefinition class for service.

  • Call service with req message and return response., key2=value2)

  • Call service using keyword arguments to create request message. Returns response., arg2...argN)

  • Call service using positional arguments to create request message. Returns response.

ServiceInfo instances

ServiceInfo instances are returned when you call info() on a ServiceNS instance.


  • Print user-friendly information about NodeNS instance.

  • ROS name of service.



  • ROSRPC URI of service.

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